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Intro to Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl!

You may have seen that I recently partnered with Siser North America, the World's Leading Manufacturer of Heat Transfer Vinyl Materials! Ever since I made Chun-Li for Street Fighter 6 using Siser products, I've switched over entirely to only use their materials for my costumes!

I already made two tutorial videos with them and will share more how to videos in the upcoming months, but I also wanted to write a blog post on how easy it has been to use Siser HTV and PSV products!

I don't know about you, but I personally prefer to scroll through information than to watch a video hahaha!

Anyway, here's a quick overview of the Siser products I use!

Where to buy

You can buy Siser products in Michael's, JOANN and on Amazon in North America! Check out their website for more information!

Easyweed HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)

Siser’s signature high quality HTV is called Easyweed, and it is a popular choice for everyone from crafters to large commercial print shops for creating custom designs!

Some cool features that Easyweed offers:
  • Thinner than other vinyls on the market, so more flexibility on soft materials

  • O ne-second tack application for layering colors

  • Huge selection of colors, finishes, and textures (I'm really into the Stretch and holographic...

  • Great adhesion on various fabrics including cotton, polyester, and even nylon and leather!

  • Safeguards fabrics from scorching

  • Can withstand repeated washing

  • Can be applied using a heat press or a household iron

  • Known for its easy-to-weed properties, which means that excess material can be easily removed

  • Can be cut with all brands of HTV cutters, and even laser cutters!

Romeo and Juliet vinyl cutters

And speaking of cutters, let me introduce you to Siser's powerhouse pair of vinyl cutters – the 12” Juliet and the 24” Romeo.

I own the Romeo and it is such a dream machine!

Romeo and Juliet cutter features!

  • You can cut vinyl sheets DIRECTLY ON THE CUTTER without a mat!! I repeat, you don't need a sticky mat!!

  • Cuts fast and quiet... sometimes too fast and too quiet lol!

  • Super accurate and precise, even with hair-thin designs

  • Cut continuously on a roll with the Siser roll holder

  • The Romeo offers a 24" wide workspace, so I can cut huge designs

  • Simple touchscreen controls with cut setting pre-programmed for various materials!

  • Plug and play, sets up in seconds!

  • Powered by a simple to use open source software called Leonardo™ Design Studio. No subscription needed!

  • Cutter connects to the computer via USB or wirelessly to cut online or offline

I choose Siser for the higher quality

Full disclosure - Siser is absolutely sponsoring me to make content for them, and of course they are also sending products to me for use!

BUT, you guys know I don't endorse Brands that I don't genuinely like or use! I have to use the best for my costumes because I spend a ton of time making them and I take them all over the world to events and photoshoots - THEY NEED TO LAST! I'm always trying new materials and techniques to improve the durability and quality of my costumes because they are my livelihood and I wear them like 30 weekends within one year.

So trust me when I say that Siser offers the best vinyls and cutters on the market, period. Some of their products cost a little bit more than other brands BUT the quality difference is staggering, and Siser is well worth the additional investment.

I always recommend for you to do your own research so please, check out the Siser USA website for more info on their vinyls and cutters, as well as a ton of educational blog posts!

They also run a fantastic Youtube Channel with a lot of project videos and tutorials!

While I'm at it, their Instagram is @sisernorthamerica, and they have a FREE Siser App with convenient cutting and pressing settings for their vinyl products!

You can watch my tutorial for Cloud's shirt from Final Fantasy VII Remake!

And the video on how I made Frieren's spell book!

I'll work on writing blog posts for these tutorials as well so check back soon!


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