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The bernette b79
Yaya Han Edition

Sewing & Embroidery Machine

A dream for creative people

The b79 Yaya Han Edition opens your world to creative embroidery. It combines a highquality sewing and embroidery machine with the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 Creator to bring your creations to life. The b79 Yaya Han Edition is incredibly easy to use, offers a wide range of included extras and lets you be your most creative.


A stylish eye-catching machine

Bring color to your sewing room with the unique machine design chosen by Yaya Han. The machine features lavender-colored parts with a mix of blue and purple hexagon elements, giving the machine an elegant and futuristic look. Even the included embroidery module is partially colored!

Embroidery Digitizing Software INCLUDED

The BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 Creator is the entry into embroidery, giving the upcoming embroiderist all the tools needed. Start your embroidery projects as well as edit and alter designs to create something personal and valuable to you. Play around in the software, turn your artwork into an embroidery design and discover the many possibilities with the numerous tutorials!


64 Exclusive Embroidery Designs

276 embroidery designs including 64 exclusive embroidery designs selected by Yaya Han 


Dual Feed feature to tackle slippery fabrics

The easy-to-engage, integrated Dual Feed makes sure that all kinds of materials, even smooth and thin materials, are evenly fed from above and below. Striped and checkered patterns can be matched perfectly by even feeding.

Stitch Designer and Creative Consultant

Create your own stitches or customise existing stitches with the Stitch Designer and save them in the personal memory of the machine for your future projects.
Access the sewing or embroidery tutorials for tips on how to operate your machine or use the creative consultant for advice on the best stitch for your chosen fabric.


How to buy

The bernette b79 Yaya Han Edition is sold through the BERNINA/bernette global dealership system. 
Licensed and authorized dealers in your region are your best resource for purchasing this machine and receiving continued guidance and education on its usage.

Most dealers also offer flexible financing plans

Whether you live in the Americas, Europe, Asia or Oceania, BERNINA/bernette dealers are standing by to help you! Don't hesitate to reach out!

Scroll down for a list of respectable online dealers that carry my bernette b79 Yaya Han Edition!

Thank you so much for the interest in my machine, I really can't wait to see what you will create!

~ Yaya

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