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This form is reserved for convention organizers seeking Yaya's appearance and brands seeking compensated social media campaigns

Thanks for submitting!

Yaya's participation in convention programming includes (but is not limited to):

  • Hosting panels and workshops on a dozen cosplay-related subjects including costume craftsmanship, performance,  international cosplay, sociology of cosplay, the evolution of cosplay and many more

  • Hosting (MCing) main programming events such as costume contests, fashion shows, idol contests, opening ceremonies and more 

  • Judging cosplay/costuming contests

  • Appearing in costume during the event

  • Signing autographs at merchandise table or other appropriate setting

If you would like to invite Yaya to make a guest appearance at your convention, please fill out the booking form with as much detail about your event as possible and any offers or proposals. Thank you.

Yaya's participation in brand endorsement/influencer activities includes (but is not limited to):

  • Print and Digital Ad Campaigns

  • Creation and modeling of character costumes

  • Promotional Photoshoots

  • Creation Progress videos

  • How-To/Tutorial videos

  • Social Media shoutouts/product reviews 

  • Instagram & Twitter Take Overs

  • Online Giveaways

  • Unboxing videos

and more...

Please fill out the form with as much detail and information about the promotional campaign you'd like Yaya to participate in. Proposals with compensation offers only. Thank you.

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