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Yaya's Cosplay PROMOTIONS

A myriad of companies have hired Yaya for promotional work, from representing a character at an event to endorsing a product in a creative way to full blowing cosplay creations and marketing campaigns.
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CAPCOM - Street Fighter 6

In 2023, Capcom hired Yaya to create Chun-Li's costume from Street Fighter 6 for the official game launch party in Los Angeles! She documented the costume process in a detailed video, created a slew of social media content, and fly out to LA to play the character during the game launch.

Watch the Chun-Li making of video!

Check out the Chun-Li photoshoot Yaya did!

Some of the social media posts Yaya created as part of the campaign.

SEGA - Like A Dragon (YAKUZA)

In 2023, SEGA and RGG Studio reached out to Yaya to promote the new video game Like A Dragon Gaiden at Anime Expo. Yaya put together a cosplay of Majima Goro and entertained fans of the game for an entire day at the event, as well as made social media posts about the game.

Check out Yaya's cosplay gallery of Majima Goro!

As well as promotional social media posts!

AMAZON Prime - “The Rings of Power “

In August 2022, Amazon’s Prime Video asked Yaya to fly to New York City for a special advanced screening of “The Rings of Power” series.

Yaya produced content throughout the evening and shared them on her social media as well as in a blog post.

META - Oculus Quest 2

In 2021, Meta hired Yaya to promote Resident Evil 4 on Oculus Quest 2

Yaya came up with two creative cosplay videos using her hand-made Ada Wong costume and a custom built a mansion set. She also posted multiple stories and a photo set.


TENCENT - Alchemy Stars

In 2022, Yaya created a Queen Bethlehem costume from the mobile game Alchemy Stars to promote the title for the publisher.

She created a set and did a photoshoot and curated a number of social media posts for the campaign, including a video.

Check out Yaya's cosplay gallery of Bethlehem as well.

AUDIBLE - Sandman

in 2021, Audible reached out to Yaya to create a cosplay marketing campaign for the Sandman audio book on their platform.

Yaya made a Death costume and did a fantastic photoshoot with it, highlighting the audio book in the images. The leading instagram post reached over 1 Million viewers.

Her photos were shared widely on social media.


CAPCOM - Resident Evil Village

In March 2021, Capcom hired Yaya to build the full cosplay of Lady Dimistrescu from their new game “Resident Evil Village

The full social media promotional campaign included:

The campaign went live over 3 days in April 2021 to promote the video game, and went viral.

The YouTube video has 1+ million views!

Also check out Yaya's Lady Dimitrescu gallery.

NEOPLE - Dungeon Fighter Onl

In2021, Neople asked Yaya to promote their game Dungeon Fighter Online by creating a full costume of the Neo Awakening Gunner class and documenting the process.

Yaya produced a detailed YouTube video as well as a location photoshoot with the costume, showcased through multiple platform posts.

Check out the Gunner cosplay gallery as well.


NETFLIX - “Shadow and Bone”

In March 2021, Netflix hired Yaya to promote the new series “Shadow and Bone


The project included:

  • -  Creating one of Alina’s costumes from the series

  • -  Interviewing actor Jessie Mei Li for a promotional video

  • Multiple posts on Yaya’s social media

This campaign went live in April 2021 in time for the release of the fantasy series.

Check out Yaya's cosplay gallery for her Alina costume.

RIOT - League of Legends

In late 2020, Riot Games hired Yaya to build the full cosplay of their League of Legends Champion Vayne in a newly designed skin.
The full social media promotional campaign included:

The campaign went live over 2 days in January 2021 to celebrate the start of the 2021 League season!

Check out Yaya's cosplay gallery of Vayne as well!

marvel becoming.JPG

MARVEL - Marvel Becoming

While Marvel's Digital video series "Marvel Becoming" was airing, Yaya was hired to cosplay two iconic Marvel characters for it. The Studio interviewed Yaya and showed her process as a cosplayer and what Marvel and the characters she cosplays mean to her.

Watch the Gamora - Guardians of the Galaxy video on Marvel's Youtube or on their website.

Watch the Scarlet Witch video on Marvel's Youtube.

Check out Yaya's Gamora cosplay gallery.

Check out Yaya's Scarlet Witch cosplay gallery.

MARVEL - Marvel Cosplay Covers

For a couple of years, Marvel produced alternate covers for their comic books featuring cosplayers on the covers. 

Yaya graced two Marvel Cosplay Covers, as Medusa for Inhumans and Scarlet Witch.


Notable Promotions & Endorsements

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Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 12.45.15.png
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