Alchemy Stars


Brian Boling

Why I chose to make this costume:

I was approached by the makers of Alchemy Stars, a beautiful mobile fantasy game, to cosplay their character Bethlehem for a social media campaign. They had a tight deadline but everything about Bethlehem, from the Queen of the North design to the costume and theme, spoke to me. So I practically threw myself into the making and photographing of this costume, completing it in only six days! Can you say speed-build??

How I made this costume:

Crazily enough, I had almost ALL the materials for this project already, including all the fabrics, fur, adornments and lots of weird little doodads lol. The only items I had to buy were the blong wig, 2 spools of white ribbons and a pair of ear muffs, lol.

Having matetrials on hand was honestly the only reason I could crank out a costume like this so fast. Most of the trims are items from my @cosplayfabrics line, available in @joann_stores! That includes the fabrics for the blue sash and inner cape, and even the blue gems are cut up from a trim!

Another fun fact is that I repurposed my retired Emma Frost costume for parts of this cosplay, such as the feathers on my arms, the bodice and the arm warmers! It saved me a ton of time and I was able to reuse an old costume so win win!

I did the costume building in 5 days and a photoshoot in my warehouse on two backdrops on the sixth day.

If you want to see more progress photos and read snippets on how I made this costume, check out my blog!

Thoughts on this costume:

A lesson about cosplay, friends: Don't ever feel guilty about hoarding cosplay materials. LOL

I had a lot of fun creating this outfit and doing the photoshoot! I don't cosplay very many blond characters and that might be an oversight! In the future, I'd like to make the adorable dragons and wear Bethlehem to an event! 


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