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Yaya has been incredibly fortunate to collaborate with several global companies

within tech, the sewing and the crafting industries. It has been a dream come true for Yaya

to create cosplay-centric products for mass retail, as well as content to educate and inspire the creator community.

bernette sewing machines

In 2022, Yaya teamed up with bernette and Bernina to create the ultimate machine for costume enthusiasts and garment makers. After many months of behind the scenes work, the bernette b79 Yaya Han Edition was unveiled to the public in June 2023 and is now available worldwide. 
This stylish Yaya Han brande
d machine boasts of the following impressive features and more:

🧵 A work horse motor and intuitive “Bernina brain” computer

🧵Full sewing and embroidery functions with multiple hoops to stitch up to 10x6” designs

🧵 276 pre-loaded embroidery designs, 68 exclusive designs with garment making in mind

🧵The powerful embroider digitizing software Creator 9

🧵18 presser feet with focus on garment making

Watch the introduction video!

Listen to Yaya's interview with the Sew&So Podcast here!

Siser North America
HTV Products

Yaya announced her brand partnership with Siser North America in March 2024.

She will spend the next 12 months creating educational and creative content using Siser's heat transfer vinyl products as well as their HTV cutters and Leonardo Design Studio program. 

As a tried and true user of Siser products, Yaya hopes to share her knowledge and experience with this brand with other creatives and hobbyiests!

Watch Yaya's Siser Brand Introduction video!


Sewing Machines

In 2016, Yaya Han became a Brand Ambassador for the legendary Swiss sewing machine company, BERNINA. In 2017, BERNINA launched a new model, the B590, with Yaya as the Expert for their worldwide marketing campaign.

Yaya spoke at the annual BERNINA Conference in 2017,

introducing the global BERNINA dealership to the cosplay market as well as unveiling the B590.

Full Spectrum Laser

In 2024, Yaya began a partnership with Full Spectrum Laser, a premier laser cutter company in the United States.

Together, they hope to show fun and innovative ways to use a laser cutter in cosplay and textile projects.


Watch Yaya's review of the Full Spectrum Muse Titan laser cutter. 

Shop the Muse Titan and the Full Spectrum product line.

Cosplay Fabrics

Yaya Han is the first cosplayer in the world to produce a fabric line in her name, in partnership with Cosplay Fabrics. Launched in March 2016, Yaya’s collections of high quality cosplay-centric fabrics is available at 860+ JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores locations nationwide. By giving cosplayers in every State easy access to fabrics with unique textures, colors and finishes tailored to their needs, Yaya has changed the game for the entire cosplay community.

With new collections releasing every Spring and Fall, Yaya’ fabric line will continue to advance the work of hobbyists and professionals alike.

Shop the Cosplay by Yaya Han fabric collection.

joann fabric store yaya 2022.jpg


Fabric & Craft Stores

Since 2016, Yaya has been working with JOANN to create a one stop shop experience for cosplay customers. From fabric to trims and EVA foam, JOANN has embraced the world of cosplay and become the leading US craft chain to cater to cosplayers, all with Yaya’s guidance and expertise.

Shop the entire Yaya Han collection at JOANN.

Cosplay Trims

& Embellishments

Expanding upon the success of the fabric line, Yaya and Cosplay Fabrics created an exciting line of trims and embellishments geared towards cosplayers and fashion aficionados. The collection was released in February 2019 in JOANN locations across the US and features bold unique trimmings and adornments that will instantly spruce up a costume.

Shop the Cosplay by Yaya Han trim collection.

joann trims 2022.jpg


EVA Foam

Besides fabric, the most used cosplay crafting material is EVA foam. It has been Yaya’s dream to create high quality EVA foam suitable for armor and prop making and put it in stores so Cosplayers can grab them and work on their projects whenever they want to. Thanks to JOANN’s openness to carry this material in their 860+ stores nationwide, Yaya and Cosplay Fabrics we’re able to develop the Cosplay by Yaya Han EVA Foam collection which includes high density sheets in various thicknesses and accessories such as dowels and textured foam. Released in July 2019, the foam collection has been well received by the cosplay community and come in handy for many con crunching crafters.

Shop the Cosplay by Yaya Han EVA Foam collection.

Google for Creators

In 2021, Yaya began collaborating with Google for Creators on multiple projects.

After months of work, they launched a new Creator Insights video series for the Google for Creators channel focused on cosplay and content creation. Yaya writes the scripts and films the videos in close collaboration with the Google team. Watch her videos here.

She also co-wrote a Presentation with Paul Bakaus on the topic of "How to become a sustainable creator" which was presented at VidCon Abu Dhabi. They are scheduled to speak at VidCon in Los Angeles in June 2022 as well. 

Read the Google for Creators Blog Spotlight on Yaya

googleforcreators launchcollage.jpg


Sewing Patterns

In 2015, Yaya became the first cosplayer to create a cosplay-centric pattern line. Under the McCall’s Patterns umbrella, Yaya has released over 30 patterns, available in craft stores worldwide. Along with her cosplay fabric line, cosplayers have come to rely on Yaya’s patterns as an essential part of their costume making process.

The success of Yaya’s collaboration with McCall’s bridged the gap between the geek fandom and the sewing industry, and has led to a surge of new cosplay materials on the market.

Shop the Yaya Han pattern collection.


In 2019, Yaya teamed up with Dremel® to bring a Yaya Han collection of electric rotary tools to JOANN stores in the USA. Dremel tools are essential to cosplay crafting, such as for sculpting, sanding and engraving EVA foam, plastic, wood and other materials. Now they are easily available at a neighborhood craft store alongside paints, fabrics and foam, further strengthening Yaya and JOANN’s Initiative to create a one-stop shop for cosplayers.

Shop the Dremel Lite and the Dremel 3000 + Flex Shaft kit

Notable Promotions & Endorsements

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