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Beyond Journey's End


Fenix Fatalist, Kukkii

Why I chose to make this costume:

I’ve been following the Frieren anime since it’s release and quickly realized that I absolutely must cosplay this haughty seen-it-all airhead 1000 year old elf! As someone who has been around in cosplay for forever, seen and done everything, seen peeps come and go in multiple eras… boy did I relate to Frieren immediately! I busted her out in January 2024 in time for a German convention in a super beautiful city! 

How I made this costume:

As you can see, I went for maximum texture for this costume! Frieren’s design is super clean, white with gold accents, so I decided early on to use a textured fabric and add a pattern to the trim.
After looking around a lot, I chose this art deco 3D look fabric that reminded me of the spell arrays depicted in the series, and that screams ELF! I also started to read the manga and liked how Frieren’s illustrations showed some form of shading on her white costume which this fabric could convey.

For the gold trim, I of course grabbed my trusty @cosplayfabrics gold 4way faux pleather! It was a bit tedious to apply because I wanted it to show on both sides of the fabric so I ended up spending a lot of time making a trim that “sandwiched” the hem of the cape and skirt.

Because you have to go all in once you choose texture, I overlayed the gold parts with two iron on trims from my @cosplayfabrics collection! The Roman leaf which is one of my favorite trims we’ve ever released, and the Verona Filigree cross trim which I have always wanted to use! All available at @joann_stores of course!

I steam ironed the trims on with a silk pressing cloth, and was again very grateful to my @laurastarusa Smart Iron System for providing fine even steam that won’t melt vinyls and other unusual materials 🙏

Because Frieren would have been extra enough to get leggings made of dragon skin (highly durable for an immortal elf?), I made leggings with my @cosplayfabrics shiny snake print stretch fabric lmao! It should provide just enough texture to match the rest of the costume.

Thoughts on this costume:

I'm so happy to not only finish Frieren in time for Mag-C, a convention in the German city of Erfurt, but also have a group to cosplay with!

Fern is @kukkiicos who busted out her winter costume in record time!
Flamme is @fenixfatalist_ who also let me borrow the mage staff she crafted, and who valiantly took our photos while in costume!

Frieren is the most comfortable costume I've made in years! I will wear her a lot at events and hope to meet other party members from the show!

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