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Street Fighter 6


Why I chose to make this costume:

This Chun-Li costume came to be because freaking Capcom hired me to make  it to promote the Street Fighter 6 game launch! It’s been completely surreal and a bonafied dream project to cosplay my beloved Chun-Li for the Street Fighter franchise! 

As a Chinese woman who has already been cosplaying Chun-Li for 10 years, it truly gets no better than this!

How I made this costume:

I made this costume in 10 days between my travel schedule and you can watch the entire process documented in this video!

Because I got to collaborate with some dear friends and awesome creatives on this project, here is the full credit list:

Costume construction & model - me
Heat transfer vinyl - @sisernorthamerica easyweed (blue) and metal (gold)
Vinyl cut on @sisernorthamerica Romeo
Wrist cuffs - 3D modeled & printed by @dardasisters, painted by @brian_b_boling
Fabrics - 90% from @cosplayfabrics
Base wig - @ardawigs Chibi small
Wig styled by me with guidance from @natsumi_cosplay and @malinda_chan

Thoughts on this costume:

This entire project was a complete dream come true and I can’t thank Capcom enough for entrusting me to bring Chun-Li to life!

Credit for the photo and video elements on this project:

Photography - @worldofgwendana
Photo assistance - @malinda_chan, @ex_shadow & @brian_b_boling

Chun-Li cosplay showcase footage shot by @brian_b_boling, edited by @nathalangc

Launch party video shot by @mmmmmiya
Street Fighter cosplay Team up:
Juri - @janesin__
Kimberly - @jaharajayde
Jamie - @johnnyjunkers

Projects like these remind me of why I love cosplay so much! I am so happy I could document this project properly and I love how my Chun-Li costume turned out! It’s super comfy and easy to wear/pack and I plan to bring her to a lot of events this summer!

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