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I made a photo set!

After a year of not being able to do regular photo shoots, I snapped and made a set in my warehouse!

Newest photoshoot result: Yennefer of Vengerberg

My original intention was to find an old looking chair and place it in front of a library backdrop, but then I came across this Victorian sofa and it was all over. Or, rather, all in. Within a week, I thrifted furniture and a rug, used brocade fabric from my CosplayFabrics.com line for the drapery, and even pulled out the leftover peacock feathers from the Peacock costume I made in 2008 as decor.

I’ve always liked the setting of a cozy study/lounge for cosplay and now I have access to one anytime! There are no less than five costumes that I want to shoot on this set and I have ideas for other themes as well! I hope to be able to show you more photo shoot results soon! ☺️

Yennefer costume made by me

Photos by Brian Boling

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