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Costume Progress: K/DA Evelynn!

After months of sewing masks, I’m finally carving out some time to make a costume for myself! Evelynn’s look is my favorite from “The Baddest” and you bet that dress will go in my regular wardrobe rotation.

1st pic: My quick make-up test using lots of Surreal Makeup iridescent shadows and Uniqso yellow contacts. The wig is half-styled (kinda cute!) and I have purple sunglasses coming in.

2nd pic: You can see the tacky floral mock-up I made and the dress in progress on my dress form. I’m using medium weight silk (meant for suiting) and it’s fully lined. The claws are made from Qing era filigree finger caps that I bought in China for no reason many years ago. Never stop hoarding for cosplay, folks. Arda Wigs kindly sent me two wigs in pale lilac, the perfect color for Eve. The lace front Ami will allow me to show hairline on the sides, while another wig (Eowyn) will provide the bangs and extra wefts for the hair buns/bows/horns things.

3rd pic: Progress on the leather choker! I had to make the bands a bit wider to burnish the edges and accommodate the rivets but this thing will hold up to a lot of wear & tear. Also, a head cast comes in handy sometimes👍

I’m plugging away at the rest of the costume this week and will share more progress along the way!


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