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I cosplayed the main villain from Demon Slayer!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Photoshoot reveal! I cosplayed Kibutsuji Muzan from Demon Slayer in the most elaborate photo set I’ve built to date! And I made a video about it!

Ever since I rewatched season 1 of the anime earlier this year, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of cosplaying the progenitor demon from Kimetsu no Yaiba, and creating some hellish moody images with Muzan. A lot of time has been spent collecting decor and set pieces, and I even studied up on lighting and editing in order to make this photoshoot happen.

It has been a huge undertaking, and thankfully DokiDoki Costumes sent me their Muzan R costume and wig so I wouldn’t have to make the costume on top of producing the set and photoshoot as well. (That would have pushed the shoot back several weeks at least.) I also loved being able to use a set of Extreme stiletto nails from Onyx Nails Design for Muzan, I think they look perfect with the cosplay. I did spend time making the one thing I could not get - spider lily flowers! I used them a lot during the shoot so it was definitely worth the long hours. I dunno, I really needed to show Muzan with the legendary blue spider lily lol.

As always, Brian Boling humored my shenanigans and took on the photography and videography for this project. My friend Jessie Lykens also kindly assisted during the shoot and shot a bunch of BTS and additional gimbal footage for me. Thank you thank you. This was not a sponsored project, but created with blazing passion for Demon Slayer. As a manga reader I know it’ll take me years to process the feels for this series (every new season or movie will just end me all over again) but realizing this Muzan shoot definitely helped. Plz watch the full video on YouTube if you’re interested in the set process!


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