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New cosplay! Neo: Ranger from Dungeon Fighter Online!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

It’s time for another cosplay reveal! The makers of Dungeon Fighter Online asked me to cosplay one of their brand new Neo Awakening Gunner classes and I’ve spent the past few weeks creating the Neo: Ranger costume and gunblades from scratch! I’m so happy to share the results today, as it is the start of the DFO Summer Festival Update!

Part of my task was to make a full costume build video! I tried to make it entertaining and educational, and it also would be a great ASMR video to throw on!

I worked super hard on the video so go give it some love!

Check out the full Neo: Ranger gallery for more photos of the finished costume and build notes. For now, here are some of my favorite shots and some in progress and BTS shots!

I really got into it with this Ranger costume and it turned out to be so cute, I literally can’t wait to wear it at all the cons! It’s transportable! Full range of motion! Comfy… pants?! Thanks again DFO team for the collab!

And check out Dungeon Fighter Online if you want to join a global free to play MORPG!


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