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KDA Evelynn complete!!

K/DA Evelynn coming at you live! I finished the costume and did a calendar cover photoshoot with this mesmerizing Diva!

I simply adore the new KDA set and this is definitely not the last ensemble I’ll create from it!

The suit dress is made of silk and lined in polyester, I styled the wig through combining two Arda Wigs, and the tails are worbla and wire with a fabric sleeve fitted over them.

I made the blades using Cosplay Fabrics EVA foam so they’d be as light as possible and the whole contraption straps to a hidden leather belt at my waist.

The tails can be formed whichever way I want, and I’m already not looking forward to knocking things over at a con with them.

Oh, and I made the claws as well, out of filigree.

Cuz a bunch’s peeps asked, the sunglasses are an Amazon find.

Once more photos are edited, I will add the Evelynn cosplay gallery and share more thoughts about how I made this costume!

If you want a print of Evelynn, she is Miss June in my new 2021 calendar! Get it here, I will sign it for you!


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