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Shinobi Camilla

Fire Emblem Heroes


Karuta, Creative Wolves, Brian Boling

Why I chose to make this costume:

Shinobi Camilla, at your service! Darlings, I’m happy to reveal my newest cosplay from Fire Emblem Heroes! This fun ninja-style Camilla has been on my list for a while and I finally made time in April to craft this costume!
I have already made two Camilla costime, her canon character design from Fire Emblem Fates, and her Spring Princess version. I love cosplaying her and am happy to add a 3rd Camilla to my cosplay roster!

How I made this costume:

On this costume, all fabrics and EVA Foam are from my Cosplay Fabrics collection! I made it over the course of a couple of weeks while I was also working on Yuri!

I love the look of the black and purple Ultrapreme for the main components, along with my gold pleather. The ninja suit consists of a skirt, a very weird wrap kimono top that I patterned on the fly, a pleather bra (repurposed from Majima), panties (from MHA Midnight) and fishnets sewn onto tights so there’s no slippage. The skirt is lined with one of my geometric Japanese prints from a few years ago!

I got a Jupiter SE resin printer from Elegoo recently and used it to make the horns and Shinobi head plate for Camilla! I commissioned @mimicrycosplay to 3D model the pieces and printed them on the Jupiter!

The gold diamonds on the skirt are Siser Northamericas Easyweed stretch HTV, which I cut with my trusty Romeo cutter and heat pressed onto the Ultrapreme! I’m truly shocked at how well Siser’s gold HTV matches the color and finish of my @cosplayfabrics gold pleather!

I made the leg and arm guards from 5mm EVA Foam and half rounded dowels from my @cosplayfabrics collection. They velcro onto the purple socks/gloves!

The ponytail wig is actually… both Camilla wigs I already own lmao! I’ve cosplayed this character enough that I have 2 Arda Wigs Luthien in Ice Violet, and I styled one into the base and sewed the second Luthien onto a claw clip to use as the ponytail! This means I can take it apart to reuse for my other Camilla cosplays!

The only piece I ran out of time to make before my May con tour is her sword! So that will be a forthcoming project!

Thoughts on this costume:

I'm really happy with how the costume turned out! I wore it to two cons in Europe in May and even got to do some photos already!

2024 is Fire Emblem cosplay revival year and I'm so happy I already made two costumes from this game franchise! It's one of my all-time favorites after all!

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