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Spring Princess Camilla

Fire Emblem Heroes


Brian Boling

Why I chose to make this costume:

You should know by now what a huge Fire Emblem fan I am and that Camilla is my bae! I’ve had her Spring Princess Easter themed costume on my list for a long time and finally made it in time for Easter 2020!

How I made this costume:

I made the costume with fabrics from my line, such as the dual fantasy, 4-way pleather and gold metallic stretch (for the trim designs). The fit of the bunny suit with the tails was crucial so I made a full mock-up and tailored it to fit just right. Using the mock-up as my pattern, I created the suit with full lining and boning, and it laced up the back. The trims were drawn and cut out in 2mm EVA foam and covered in gold metallic fabric, then I glued them onto the suit with contact cement. I made all the ruffles out of folded over chiffon and hand-sewed them on. The bunny ears/tail are EVA foam and I sewed a fur cover for them and glued them in. Then I shaved the fur with a beard shaver and airbrushed the insides pink. I re-used my wig and gauntlets from regular Camilla.

Thoughts on this costume:

This ended up being such a cute and colorful costume! I built an Easter set in my warehouse because we were in full quarantine in April 2020, and then we borrowed our neighbor’s garden (walk in walk out) for some garden location shots. I simply adore all the photos we got! 

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