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Majima Goro

Yakuza Like A Dragon


Brian Boling

Why I chose to make this costume:

SEGA and RGG Studio asked me to portray my favorite Yakuza Like a Dragon character, the Mad Dog of Shimano! For Anime Expo 2023, they set up a battle arena to promote their new Like a Dragon Gaiden game, and they hired me to cosplay Majima Goro! 

How I made this costume:

I put this costume together fairly quickly from found parts. I altered the jacket to fit me better, cut and styled the wig, and made the black top under the jacket. 

I also bought some silver boot tips and hammered them onto black boots, and I bought a leather eyepatch on etsy that fit me HORRIBLY and caused me to get an eye infection after all-day wear. I will definitely remake the eye patch before wearing this costume again.

I found an illustration of Majima's tattoo online that SEGA released a few years ago, so I cut out the front panels and printed them on tattoo paper.

Thoughts on this costume:

I truly had the most fun and frantic time cosplaying Majima Goro, thank you again SEGA and RGG Studio for the immense priviledge!

The Like a Dragon Gaiden Battle Arena was such a fun photo set up and it was awesome to meet so many Yakuza fans, appreciaters and cosplayers! Even Yong Yea, the English voice of Kiryu, showed up in full cosplay! 👏👏👏

The team at Sega took great care of me and I took so so many hilarious photos with everyone! It truly was too much fun to cosplay Majima and he is just an endless wealth for memable pictures 😂.

I have yet to do a proper photoshoot with Majima so for now, please enjoy the many photos we took at AX!

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