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The Yaya Han sewing machine!!

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Unveiling… The bernette b79 Yaya Han SEWING MACHINE!!

Today I can finally present one of the biggest and most fulfilling project I have ever worked on… my own branded sewing and embroidery machine! 🤯

Last year, I teamed up with bernette and Bernina to create the ultimate machine for costume enthusiasts and garment makers, and after many months we are proud to offer the bernette b79 Yaya Han Edition which includes these features (and more):

🧵 A work horse motor and intuitive “Bernina brain” computer

🧵Full sewing and embroidery functions with multiple hoops to stitch up to 10x6” designs

🧵 276 pre-loaded embroidery designs, 68 exclusive designs with garment making in mind

🧵The powerful embroider digitizing software Creator 9 (usually costs over $1K but WE INCLUDED IT FOR FREE NBD)

🧵8 additional presser feet picked out by me for costuming (total of 18 presser feet in the package!)

🧵Large touch screen, stylus and Creative Assistant function

🧵Dual Feed function which helps you sew slippery fabrics

🧵Custom stitch designer function (make your own fancy stitch patterns!)

🧵Hello this machine is purple and pretty!!

The bernette b79 Yaya Han edition is available worldwide through the Bernina dealer network!

Everything you need to know is on the dedicated website!

Over the next few weeks, I will share much more information on this machine and all the cool things it can do!

I have already sewn 4 full costumes on the b79 and tested the functions with a wide array of materials because y’all know I can’t put my name on a product that I didn’t use-test to heck!

For now I recommend you to check out the website and find out where your nearest bernette and Bernina dealer is! Once machines arrive in their stores, you can go look at it in person and even test it out right then!

2023 is the year of dream projects for me and I am forever grateful for this opportunity!


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