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2022 Year End Recap!

2022 started off a bit rocky but it turned out to be a really eventful and great year for me!

I went back to traveling and convention appearances and clocked in 16 events in 5 countries! Add in a Japan trip, a Greece excursion and couple of family visits to Germany and I truly was away from home for about half the year.

So I am beyond pleased that I made 7 new costumes in 2022 and 8 additional new cosplay looks, adding up to 15 new shoots/outfits total!

New costumes that I made:

Due to my travel schedule, my crafting output was mostly concentrated in the first few months of the year and in the late summer months. I was solidly away from home in May through July and again from October through December so each of these outfits were binge-crafted whenever I had a few days or a week at home.

Passion Projects:

If the pandemic taught me anything, it was to double down on my passion projects and make them a priority!

🌺 I went fangirl crazy with Belle, making her in one week after watching the movie and even going as far as putting all regular work on hold until the costume was finished.

🌹 I read Spy x Family in April and dreamt about a Thorn Princess Yor costume for months while traveling non-stop, until I finally busted her out in August for Dragon Con

🌔 Cyberpunk Edgerunners wrecked me and I squeezed in making Lucy in a frenzy before my next con tour. As a result, I was able to bring Lucy to 3 countries for photoshoots (!)

🎋 My most elaborate (and under appreciated) cosplay of this year is the white robed Chu Wanning from the obscure Chinese novel “The Husky And His White Cat Shizun”! I don’t care, this was a dream costume for me and I poured all my love and heart into it!!!

New costumes that I bought / put together / borrowed:

Beidou and Akagi were loans from @indra_rojas ❤️

The Purple Oni and Tang Dynasty Hanfu were put together outfits

The Fantasy Fawn was made by @amazonmandy with my @cosplayfabrics for a @joann_stores promo

Shout-out to @thedangerousladies for being my go-to for 3D model files and kits ❤️

2022 was definitely my Genshin waifu year! I learned that I really love cosplaying Raiden and Ningguang despite their monstrous wigs!

I’d like to make a Genshin costume at some point just to see how I could incorporate some fabrics and embellishments of my choosing but for now I’m quite happy with the instant gratification of receiving a waifu in the mail -> becoming the waifu 😂

Most elaborate costume - Chu Wanning without a doubt because white hanfu robes require thought and very clean sewing. I took my time with this oufit, working on it in bursts from August through November. Check out how I made the costume and why I love this character so much in my cosplay gallery!

Most fun costume to wear - Lucy from Edgerunners is one of the most wearable costumes I have ever made, period! She is so easy to transport, comfy to wear and I feel amazing cospaying her! I have strolled through London and Tokyo wearing Lucy and never once felt uncomfortable. I'm also super proud of the wig I cut and colored! Wigs are my weakness and for once, I think I won this one!

Most OBSESSED project - Without a doubt, that would be Belle! I watched the film and went out the next morning to buy materials for her red flower dress, then made it in a week while listening to the soundtrack on repeat lol. I was possessed and couldn't stop until the costume was finished and on my body!

I really cherish costume experiences like this, they are rare and so precious! Memories for life!

Convention highlights:

What a great run of convention experiences this year!!! I was lucky enough to book appearances at 16 conventions in 5 countries and miraculously, ALL my trips were smooth and easy. Part of that is because I insist on booking travel myself (and get reimbursed later) and am smart enough to pick the most optimized routes and airlines. Part of it was pure dumb luck.

I truly missed conventions during the pandemic and loved finally being able to interact with people in person again! I also loved being able to cosplay with friends again! Here are some of my favorite photos from my 2022 events!

As I look back on the year, I am so thankful for the many amazing memories 2022 gave me. I truly had such a fun and creatively fulfilled year and am hella invigorated for 2023!


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