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New Machiya prints in store!

Guess what? 4 images from my geisha photoshoots are now available as signed prints and posters!

Browse the Machiya photo set here

Included are the three images I already posted as well as this brand new unreleased shot. A number of you have expressed interest in collecting this set so I hope this makes you happy! Grab your favorite shot or get all 4 images in a set, either in 8 x 12 (A4) or 11 x 17 (A3) size. Full color high resolution on heavy weight card stock, hand autographed by me and carefully packaged. I ship world wide!

This shoot was very personal to me and I did everything from the styling to makeup to art direction. Of course, Brian Boling has my unending gratitude for photographing this series, during his vacation no less.

I wanted to capture the sensual beauty and melancholy that strikes me whenever I think of the Yoshiwara district of the past and the lives the countless geisha and oiran must have had. Being that I have purple hair, I exaggerated my makeup with fuchsia tones and glitter to bring a bit of fantasy into the mix, and to pop against the gold and greens of my furisode.

The setting for the photos is a traditional Machiya house in Kyoto, within walking distance from the Gion geisha district. It felt like stepping back in time, and my hope is that you can see a bit of Hatsumomo in these images, the most misunderstood and tragic character (imo) in Memoirs of a Geisha.

Thank you so much for your support!

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Dmitro Makovetskiy
Dmitro Makovetskiy
Jun 25, 2023

I like this print, for more variability and to create new prints you can use stock images, I used hero images for my clothes design

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