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I’ve been living and breathing Star Wars all week!! Between the Rise of the Resistance ride, spending 17+ hours in Galaxy’s Edge, catching up on The Mandalorian (my heart!) and now sitting in the theater for the Rise of Skywalker, what a time to be alive as a Star Wars fan!!! I went to Galaxy’s Edge fully outfitted, wearing the new Leia sneakers by Toms and a t-shirt as well as a hoodie from Zavvi lol! It was just the perfect way to get hype for the new movie! Toms has a new collection of Star Wars men’s and women’s shoes out now! Zavvi dropped a stylish clothing collection just last week and they even gave me a discount code for you guys! Save 20% off your own Star Wars clothing with YAYAHAN20!

Gotta admit, it was pretty cool to ride the Resistance ride in the Resistance hoodie... Are you excited for the final showdown??


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