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Happy Mother's Day from Rengoku's mom!

“Rengoku. It is the obligation of those born strong to defend the weak. Don't ever forget that.”

Happy Mother’s Day from Flame Pillar Rengoku Kyojuro’s mom, Ruka!

I am a huge fan of the manga/anime series Kimetsu no Yaiba | Demon Slayer and recently re-watched the show in anticipation of the Mugen Train movie, then re-read most of the manga from all the hype of watching the movie lol. Rengoku is of course one of the most beloved characters in the series and I just adore how they adapted his backstory and brought his relationship with his family, especially his mom, to life on the big screen.

I was compelled to purchase a vintage Kimono in her color palette on eBay and it arrived this week, just in time for a quick little photoshoot for Mother's Day! I made the obi from left-over cotton and styled one of my many black wigs to match Ruka's hairstyle. It's a super simple cosplay that really made me happy to do, and I hope to take photos with Rengoku cosplayers in the future when events return!

Cosplay is a way for me to process feels and I have way too many feels about Kimetsu no Yaiba! Expect more cosplays from the series soon....

Hope all moms out there are enjoying a wonderful day, I miss mine a lot and dream of the day we can reunite. <3

Photos by Brian Boling


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