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Fire Emblem Three Houses


Brian Boling

Why I chose to make this costume:

Yuri of the Ashen Wolves, from the Cindered Shadows DLC… I loved him from the moment I played the story and actually started this costume right before the panini! Naturally, months in lockdown and no events took the bite out of this project (hah) but I always had plans to come back to him! This spring, I did just that! A huge gigantic thank you to @zavage_cosplay and @stitchcrimes for motivating me to make Yuri because they made Balthus and Constance!! We just need Hapi now! 🥹

2024 is the year we bring back Fire Emblem cosplay! Sound the call! Tell everyone!!

How I made this costume:

Costume wise, Yuri wears a flashy military uniform so I made the coat and pants with all the regalia bits and bops. I used a suiting fabric with 2% stretch in a nice deep plum color that felt right for Yuri's design. The coat is fully lined and required quite a bit of tailoring, since I wanted to tweak my body silhouette to look a bit more masculine. The pants have pockets! I used a silver/white brocade for the cape and sleeve cuffs, and a lot of braided trims for the detailing. 

All around, this costume required a lot of hand sewing and tons of snaps. 

@thedangerousladies provided both sword kits, which @brian_b_boling and I sanded, primed and painted. 

I also got the Yuri hardware kit from @thedangerousladies and made a weird ass pleather contraption for the… lobster chain that snaps onto the uniform. 

The student emblems were printed by @porzellanprops and I altered them into Yuri’s pins. 

@zavage_cosplay made the buttons! 

I also styled an @ardawigs wig and al.tered some white boots with the silver cuffs and heels.

Thoughts on this costume:

Look at our majestic sewer dweller group! Sincerely, we looked damn good as the Ashen Wolves and I'm so happy had the chance to meet @zavage_cosplay and @stitchcrimes for these photos! 

We did have pretty bad luck with the weather, it was raining HEAVILY and the one location we wanted to shoot at was outside hahaha! So, with the help of 2 assistants, 3 umbrellas and a photographer who didn't mind laying down in the rain, we did a full shoot including solos and group shots while the rain pelted down on us! In the high res versions of the photos, you can literally see the rain staining our costumes and beading up on our hardware lol.

Yet somehow, the wet ground added drama to our photos and we managed to look like we strutted through Garrec Mach! 

I really hope we will gain a Hapi in the future and that we can rewear these costumes with other FE3H cosplayers!!

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