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Yor Forger

Spy x Family


Judy Stephens

Why I chose to make this costume:

In anticipation of the anime, I read the Spy x Family manga in the Spring of 2022 and became wholly obsessed with it! The idea of cosplaying Yor Forger formed quickly, but I decided to create my own version of the costume by leabing heavily into the “Thorn Princess” vibe!

Afterall, Yor says this is the “nicest dress” she owns, so I wanted to give this costume some fancy textures, shape and drama!

I also was inspired by Hannah Alexander's art style and her penchant for redesigning fancy character outfits so this costume is embued with her elegant aesthetic!

How I made this costume:

My Yor costume consists of two main components:

A somewhat canon midi length dress with a built in mini skirt (for those high kick poses lol)

A long dramatic skirt train attached via heavy duty snaps.


The main black fabric is a heavier knit with an embossed velvet pattern that I haggled in the LA fabric district. It has a slight stretch and does NOT wrinkle 👍.  

The lining for the skirts is the Flower Brocade Velvet from my line. I love how extravagant it looks and that it elevated the costume design with a couture flair.

By far, the most time-saving material is the faux leather trim, also from my own cosplay collection, and I thank the cosplay gods that JOANN keeps restocking it!

Lastly, I cut up a vintage bodysuit with a rose motive to make her little wrist cuffs.


I made the main dress after doing a mock up and gave it a little more volume in the skirt area. The knit fabric is heavy enough that I only had to line the bottom half of the dress, which also made sewing the faux leather trim on easier. 

The skirt train is about 4 yards of knit with another 4 yards of brocade velvet as lining. I sewed a red trim along the rounded bottom hem and made a pleather waist band on which I hand sewed 6 heavy duty snaps. This allows me to easily attach and detach the long skirt from the dress for transport and movement. 

The back of the skirt train is embellished with a bouquet of faux roses which look far nicer than I had expected! I tried multiple different ways of embellishing the skirt train, like pinning on appliqués, then lace, then various trims, and nothing looked quite as striking as just attaching a bunch of flowers to it. Sometimes the most obvious solution is the best one. 😅

I used the  feaux leather trim to make Yor's collar and shoulder straps, deviating from the canon design a bit for fun. I also made the boot tips with the same trim. The boot covers are made with my low stretch pleather which I actually find to be quite stretchy and durable. 

I thought a fancier flower crown would be a nice touch to balance out the big skirt so I made a zip tie halo crown, painted it gold and glued faux roses to it. I also embellished it with a ton of Swarowski crystals and rhinestones that I already owned. 

Yor's weapons, earrings and little neck hanger were 3D printed by a friend based on Dangerous Ladies' 3D STL files.  Brian and I put the pieces together, sanded them and painted them.

I made pockets for the weapons in my skirt which I am now calling poke-kets lol

The wig is from Amazon and had to be restyled completely, and I'm still not quite happy with it. I may add wefts to the sides  before the next time I wear it. 

Thoughts on this costume:

UPDATE: BRIAN COSPLAYED WITH ME!!! I bought him a Loid suit and styled a wig for him and we did some SpyxFamily photos at Holiday Matsuri!! Thank you again Judy for taking these photos as well!!

This costume idea manifested in my head but then I went traveling for nearly 3 months straight! Finally I July I could sit down and make Yor in about 2 weeks. I will do a proper photo shoot with her soon! These shots were taken on the 10th floor in the Marriott at Dragon Con which luckily had this retro looking spiral staircase, very suitable for Spy x Family.

Thank you Judy for coming with me to snap these photos before I had to run off to an autograph signing. The detachable skirt is heavy but makes moving around at a con so much easier!

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