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Anna Fisher, Shiroin, Brian Boling
Why I chose to make this costume:

This is a collaboration between Outland Armour and me! For over a year my friend Danny has been talking to me about making a Steampunk outfit to join the story and characters they have created. Finally, in September this year I decided to go for it and make this costume. The character is a Madam the Outlanders are involved with, and the design was thought up by me with Danny's input and character description.

How I made this costume:

I wanted to make something Asian-inspired mixed with Victorian elements—after finding a gorgeous green and black brocade, I settled on my color scheme and created a two-tone jacket/corset hybrid top (it's all attached) with various trims, pleats, ruffles and beading. The skirt took multiple hours to drape and has a knife pleat front panel with beading and ruffles, with a cascading gathered back and internal mini hoop system. I used an old wig that I pulled up and made a feather hairpiece for it. To complete the look, I made a garter belt and used thigh highs and boots I already owned.

The awesome brass fan was made by Danny and Ryan! It's totally custom, made from scratch and even lights up. I love it. Danny also gave me a couple of tiny gold guns which fit in my garter belt.

Thoughts on this costume:

From deciding to make this costume to my deadline at AWA, I only had a few days. Much thanks to Morluna and Vampirate for letting me borrow use of both their sewing machines over one weekend to put this outfit together. Thank you, Danny and Ryan, for the amazing fan prop.

On the last night of the con, Danny and I posed for photos for Brian late night and had an adventure finding appropriate photo spots in the convention center and hotel. I really like the photos and hope to wear this outfit again with the whole group, as well as make more Steampunk-style outfits in the future! 

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