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Sousou no Frieren

World of Gwendana x Yaya Han


Why I chose to make this costume:

In April 2024, World of Gwendana and I met at Golden Hour and did one of the best photoshoots of my cosplay career! I brought a cart full of props and he played the Frieren soundtrack on his phone, and we just freaking vibed.

The results are so stunning, I just had to make a separate gallery! Enjoy!

How I made this costume:

You can read up on how I made my Frieren costume here


Photos - World of Gwendana

Costume - me

Staff - GvenShopUSA

Spell Book - me with Siser products

Props (suitcase, bottle, fake food etc.) - scrounged up by me

Photo assistant & cart puller - Brian Boling

Thoughts on this costume:

What can I saw? I love working with awesome people who love the same things I do! 

When I look at some of these photos, they evoke the feeling of the anime so much that I don't see myself! They remind me that I love doing cosplay photos the most! I know the focus is more on videos now but I just adore a narrative photoshoot like this one! I will keep doing them as long as they make me happy!

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