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Why I chose to make this costume:

For eleven50's big New Year's Eve Bash I wanted to create a new outfit for the stage show. I've been planning a more futuristic costume in hot pink for a while and thought that it would really work well with the club's elegant yet modern look.

How I made this costume:

I used remnant materials purchased over the time and fun pink and white extensions attached to a multicolored pink wig. The costume ended up costing me hardly anything and was created over a period of two weeks. It consists of a lace-up corset with front zipper, short mini-skirt with spandex sides (UV-reactive), and a split undershirt with obnoxious pink sleeves. I wanted it to be cute, sexy and "loud" at the same time. Details like boot flaps, ribbons and a gigantic pink bow completed the look. I also wore my Yuna light up wings for the club and finally got to utilize their "glow" feature since Katsucon.

Thoughts on this costume:

I had a great time with this fun futuristic costume and would use it again in a heartbeat. Sewing the vinyl was surprisingly easy and it felt wonderful to design something again.

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