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Photographer Kevin Green, Brian Boling, Judy Stephens
Why I chose to make this costume:

I made this costume for San Diego Comic Con after gathering materials and reference for several months. Originally I wanted to get this done by Megacon but was so swamped with work that I had to put it on hold. I love badass warrior girls and the color red, so Sif was a no brainer! I really liked her character in the comic book as well, from the fact that she grew up with Thor and trained along side him, to their on-and-off romance over the years, and Sif's strong, loyal and courageous nature.

How I made this costume:

Looking at the reference images and the various interpretations of Sif by different artists, I ended up grabbing my favorite aspects and combining them into this costume. It's what I do for all of my costumes actually :p. With San Diego's sweltering heat in mind, I used a mix of materials for the costume. The cape is the hottest piece, made of suede—not lined on purpose due to the heat, but serged and topstitched—and jumbo fur. I tried to keep the rest of the outfit as light as possible, but still wanted the pieces to have shape, so I covered Wonderflex in leather and metallic 4-way stretch spandex. The corset is steel-boned and lined as usual. I drafted patterns for all the pieces and made everything within about 3-4 days. It was fun to make arm and leg armor pieces, and I also enjoyed beading the wig and making the leather/wood beaded adornments on the hips. Wanted to add that I liked Sif's ensemble in 2 reference shots, but based my headpiece off of the cover art in the picture. I liked the larger, more Nordic warrior-esque headpiece. The sword is wood, painted and wrapped in the same material as my arm/leg armor.

Thoughts on this costume:

Debuting Sif at SDCC, it was well received and I had a blast judging the Marvel costume contest. Then I was able to coax Riddle into doing a photoshoot with me in her awesome Female Loki costume. It was a sweltering day but we had a blast shooting together and thinking of complementary poses. Since Loki basically posesses Sif to become Femme Loki, it was neat to bring that storyline into the photos.

Then at Dragoncon I was able to grab a shot with the fantastic Thor group out of Florida, for which I am very thankful! They had a full cast but allowed me to stand in for some pics. I look so tiny and weak next to these true warriors and warrior women! XD

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