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Spice Girls


Darkain, LJinto, Lionel Lum
Why I chose to make this costume:

I've always loved the Spice Girls—how can you not lol? The thought of getting a Spice Girls cosplay group together has been swirling in my head for some years now and i knew that there would be no better event to do this at than Dragoncon. Thankfully I have some very easygoing girlfriends who agreed to dress up as the other girls. Ginger was assigned to me because I could use my Dawn wig and because I wanted to wear a Union jack dress. :D 

The cast:
Scary Spice - Blikku
Baby Spice - Pixiekitty
Posh Spice - Scruffyrebel
Sporty Spice - Jaina Solo
Ginger Spice - me!

How I made this costume:

None of us put too much effort into the outfits because we each had big projects to finish and debut at Dragoncon that year. I bought a Leg Avenue Union Jack dress, took it in on the sides, shortened it quite a bit (it's still not as short as Ginger's in that one stage performance where you can totally see her panties LOL,) and just for fun sewed red and blue sequins along the Union Jack lines to glam the dress up a bit. I made blonde wefts from pieces of an old wig and stitched them into my Dawn wig, added padding for a bit of a bump, and wore some red glitter Mary Janes that I already owned. Done!

Thoughts on this costume:

Even though the five of us didn't do much sewing on these outfits, I think we managed to get the look of the Spice Girls through the hair styles and signature clothing style. We had an absolute blast running around Dragoncon and taking photos with people, and to our delight many recognized our costumes. Requesters of photos often pointed out who their favorite Spice Girl was, which made me realize just how many closet Spice Girls fans there are lol.

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