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Judy Stephens, Kevin Green, LJinto
Why I chose to make this costume:

Not only is Batman one of my absolute favorite comic book series, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is such an iconic and fascinating character that I wanted to pay tribute. My costume is specifically based on Adam Hughes' artwork for the Catwoman comic book covers. He captured Selina so incredibly well and made her so lifelike and even more lovable to me. Of all the Catwoman renditions over the years in comic books, TV shows, movies etc., Adam's is and will always be my favorite.

How I made this costume:

I started with a base black latex bodysuit and made the rest of the costumes such as the gloves with the claws, which were shaped nail tips painted with black nail polish. They are kinda sharp, yikes! I made a pattern for the latex hood and built the cat ears into the seams, which followed Adam's artwork. I literally sat there with the artbook Cover Run sketching the hood pattern till it matched the art lol. Thankfully the artist has a great eye for clothing and his seams make sense! I glued the latex hood together (yay fumes O_o) and fitted it to my head. It closes with a buckle under my chin.

My favorite part of the costume are the goggles. Brian magically found giant base goggles for me and I spent a good afternoon re-sculpting the entire shape with the wing tips. I tried to find as accurate boots as I could, and ordered a leather whip as well.

Lastly, I wore a short wig under the hood so a little bit of hair can randomly poke out.

Thoughts on this costume:

I got the goggles signed by Adam Hughes, which makes them even more dear to me. I had a blast taking photos as Catwoman, I found that being in this costume made me more mischievous ^_~. In the future I definitely would like to do a rooftop shoot with this costume. Gosh the possibilities are near endless!

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