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David Ng
Why I chose to make this costume:

After making my first Black Cat costume, I wished it had looked more shiny in photos. I also didn't like how the furs photographed, so ultimately I decided to make a new version of this costume for Dragoncon 2009.

How I made this costume:

The wig is the only thing I kept from my first Black Cat costume; everything else had to be re-made.

The bodysuit is the biggest change of course—after sewing it in wet-look spandex and seeing how it photographs, I really wanted to go for the comic book painted-on look, like in Mark Brooks' iconic Black Cat paintings.

In my opinion, the best way to achieve that effect is through Latex. So I altered a Latex bodysuit that I purchased pretty heavily into Black Cat's signature costume, with the super low collar, front zipper with O-ring, and the arm and leg fur pieces. I used feathers this time for the fur strips and I really like the look of it. Much more than my old costume.

I made new claw gloves and collar with my own pattern and wore super high platform boots this time, because you have to be in platforms while wearing Latex! It's the law lol.

The mask is also new, only because my old one broke during transit. With Brian's help, I made this mask out of silicone and it's softer and molds better to my face.

Thoughts on this costume:

While this new costume of Black Cat looks more to my satisfaction, it's definitely not as comfortable as the spandex haha, and Latex gets hot very quickly. Still, I am really glad I re-made the costume and I will wear it again soon!

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