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Genshin Impact


Brian Boling

Why I chose to make this costume:

So I finally joined the Genshin waifu-train by cosplaying the pirate waifu Beidou lol! What is it about a partially covered face and one sultry eye showing that gives off so much sass? I love Beidou’s vibe so much!

How I made this costume:

I didn’t make this costume! 

It was loaned to me by my dear friend @indra_rojas who hand-made it! You can spot various @cosplayfabrics products in this outfit as Indra is ultra creative and works with me on developing the fabric and trim collections, always incorporating them into her work☺️❤️

Also, I know my wig is too long but that’s what I had on hand for a quick style job. Indra’s costume is so pretty and I especially love that she used a darker red taffeta for the dress (?)!

As for the photoshoot, I was highly overworked the week of the shoot so a backdrop and some sheer drapes was all I could manage, but I still really like these photos! We went for a Lunar New Year theme!

Thoughts on this costume:

As expected, it was super fun to cosplay Beidou and she definitely is not the last Genshin character I will dress up as! The world of the waifus is vast and there is no end to gorgeous designs and characters and I'm excited to explore it more!

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