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Why I chose to make this costume:

I made this costume for the Time of The Faeries project by J. Corsentino.

How I made this costume:

I sketched out the design based on my conversations with Joseph and his vision of this post apocalyptic cyber angel. I was inspired by Luis Royo's artwork as well. I made the top, panties and skirts and aged, burned, tattered and dirtied it all up, and with Brian's help, I also made the armor and accessories. Lastly, we re-painted a Halloween cyber sword lol. The hair was done by Michael Hall, and the special effects makeup with the prosthetics and blood was done by makeup artist Eddie Inda.

Thoughts on this costume:

To date this is one of my very favorite photoshoots and projects. You can see the final images produced by J. Corsentino here.

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