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Get my 2021 Cosplay Calendar!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

I've been working super hard to deliver the print files for my new 2021 cosplay calendar! I really hated not having a calendar for 2020 and was determined to go back to this tradition! My awesome designer David Terres created this stellar cover and the rest of the layout is looking SO GOOD! I can't wait to show you!

If you want to support me, get a stylish calendar for yourself or give a unique creative gift to a friend, please buy my 2021 calendar here!

Once again, it will be 12 months full of (SFW) cosplay images and I put in my newest costumes such as KDA Evelynn as well as some older favorites for nostalgia. I have the most fun thinking up photoshoot concepts and choosing the right image for the right month so the calendar flows through the seasons as the year progresses. I really hope you will like this edition (it'll be my 8th calendar!)!!

Thank you so much to everyone who put in pre-orders so far - I still estimate the physical calendars to ship in early November 2020, if not sooner!


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