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Valkyrie Headpiece Tutorial!

I recently made a Wonder Woman inspired Valkyrie headpiece and recorded a step-by step tutorial video for it, which you can watch in its entirety below!

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to pattern, cut and shape EVA foam, how to assemble the headpiece with a hidden support structure, and how to make a pair of golden headwings. I”ll also show you how I sealed and painted the entire headpiece!

Watch the full tutorial video:

Included is also a free downloadable pattern template so enjoy!

Download PDF • 18.53MB

Be sure to print the pattern pdf at “actual size”.

Materials used:

5mm and 2mm EVA foam from CosplayFabrics

Textured stripe foil in orange from CosplayFabrics

Worbla and 16 gauge wire (for the inside support structure)

Foam Clay

½ inch elastic straps

Tools used:

Dremel Lite

Dremel Micro

Dremel Stylo+

Barge cement

Craft knife

Cutting Mat

Hot glue

Iwata Neo airbrush

Paint used:

Plasti Dip (as sealer/primer)

AV Vallejo airbrush paint

Artist’s Loft oil paint

Allclad II Aqua Gloss Clear

The whole idea was inspired by the orange gold textured foil fabric, which reminded me of Wonder Woman’s golden armor. I wanted to make headwings with it and sketched out a design for the headpiece, then refined it as I went along.

I hope this tutorial shows you how easy it is to pattern and shape EVA foam, even if you end up with a weird shape and tons of fiddly little detail bits.

If you don’t have an airbrush, you can paint the headpiece with acrylic paint and still use oil paint to do the weathering/shadowing.

You can use the entire pattern to make your own Valkyrie regalia or just use the wing pieces to create whatever fantasy fae creature you want. I’d love to see what you make!

The final photos were taken by Brian Boling and we had fun playing with gold mylar for the background!

Let me know what you think of the tutorial and if you’d like to see me design and make the rest of the costume!


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