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SIGNED Books at Kinokuniya New York!

Updated: Jan 1

Hey did you know that you can get my book at Kinokuniya USA in New York city? One of my favorite book chains honors me by carrying “Yaya Han’s World of Cosplay”! Even better, I signed a bunch of book plates for them so the books you buy will be AUTOGRAPHED! Each comes with a signed sticker and message from me (until supplies last). I’m so gutted that I could not sign books at cons this year so I’m really glad Kinokuniya New York asked me to do this!

With COVID cases rising, please be safe and wear a mask if you go out, and I definitely suggest snuggling up with my book at home during these crazy times. We can’t go to cons but I wrote many pages about them and hope you will enjoy the read!

Thanks so much to everyone who has been supporting me and of course to my publisher Sterling Publishing and Kinokuniya New York💜

You can always buy signed books directly from me, and I'm happy to write a message and ship books to you!

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