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New video series with Google!

I'm really stoked to announce that I recently launched a new video series with Google for Creators!

I was approached by the team in 2021 to create a series of Creator Insight videos for the Google for Creators YT channel! So far we have released three videos and there are more on their way! Scroll down to watch!

Also, subscribe to the channel if you… ✔️ Love cosplay ✔️ Want to level up your content creation ✔️ Want to make money with cosplay

I was also interviewed for the Google for Creators Blog!

Now, let me talk a little bit about the work flow and what it means to me to work on this series. It was really exciting to have the opportunity to make more videos with the support of a production team! I have so much I want to talk about but making videos on my own takes FOREVER.

For this video series, I was able to submit video ideas, get feedback, and write the scripts in full confidence. I film the videos in my craft studio with the guidance of the production team and I can then hand off the footage for them to edit! It's been great to explore these topics and present them in polished, easy-to-digest videos!

Watch our released videos now!

Video 1 is a Behind the Scenes look at A Day In The Life Of A Cosplayer!

Video 2 is all about why you should make a website and not just rely on social media to build your brand!

And in , I give you 4 easy steps to making a website!

We have been working on this series for months and it has been so fulfilling to create these videos. I can’t wait to show you what else we have in store!

If you are a creator, be it a cosplayer or artist or gamer, I encourage you to subscribe to the Google for Creators YT channel! All their videos are to help creators with no strings attached. Unlike social media platforms, they aren't trying to sell you something or entice you to be on their platform. These resources are there to empower creators. I have learned a lot already by watching them and I hope you will too! And now I’m truly honored to contribute my knowledge and experience to new videos for cosplay creators! A huge thank you to Google for Creators for believing in me and wanting to produce this series with me!

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George Johnson
George Johnson
Apr 10, 2022

That's awesome!

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