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Katsucon 2022 Photos!

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

I'm back from Katsucon, one of my favorite cons in the world, and it was super fun this year!

I was lucky enough to attend as a Cosplay Guest and hosted the cosplay contest, lead a panel on my book, and do multiple autograph sessions. I also made some time in the mornings to walk around in costume and experience the unique magical atmosphere of Katsucon.

Onto the photos!

Friday - I wore my Lan Wangji costume from Modaosuzhi! I did a book panel, two hours of autographs and Opening ceremonies. This day really flew by!

My Wangji hotel room selfies and a quick hello with fellow cosplay guest Alliecat and Ejen from Cosplay in America!

The only quick photoshoot I had time for was with Cosplay Realm!

I was SO HAPPY to see tons of hanfu cosplayers that day (and all weekend)! Most were dressed as characters from MTXT novels! I managed to get a few photos with other Modaozushi cosplayers!

Saturday - I loved this entire day and not only because I got to wear my new Belle costume! My big event that day was the Masquerade, Katsucon's annual cosplay contest. I was the host and spent much of the afternoon on stage. Sadly I have no photos from that event lol, but I do have a bunch of Belle photos!

I was also able to meet up with some friends in the morning and do photos outside. It got really cold really fast but was so worth it. Here are two gorgeous results from the shoots I did:

Photo by Anna Fisher

Photo by Sorairo Days

Selfies with Remy Domino (Hall cosplay contest winner!) and fellow Belle Dessi-Desu!

I'm also in love with these wonderful behind the scenes photos taken by Ivan Tong!

And if that wasn't enough, I got to FINALLY take a couple of photos inside the elusive Gazebo! It's been several years since my last chance to pose in this iconic spot.

Sunday - Before I knew it, it was the last day of Katsucon! I wore a new cosplay that day, a sponsored SR quality costume of Raiden Shogun from DokiDoki Costumes.

I altered the costume to fit me and cut/styled the wig as well. The sword was also a purchase - it's nice sometimes to not have to make a costume from scratch haha. I'm especially impressed with how nice some ready-to-wear Genshin Impact costumes are.

Selfie with Sorairo Days as the cutest Venti!

Once again, Ivan took the most amazing candids of our little photoshoot. It was too cold to go outside that day so we made do with an empty open balcony.

I really had such a nice Katsucon and appreciate everyone who made time for me. I felt so welcomed and there were good vibes only! Thank you so much for having me, Katsucon! I sincerely hope to come back in 2023!


Katsucon had a strict Covid-policy and all attendees had to be vaccinated. Everyone was rather responsible and stayed masked up, and I saw many cosplayers with custom made masks to match their costumes which is always so endearing! Any unmasked photos were either taken outside or in a wide open area away from the public for a few seconds or minutes at a time. That is my personal observation.

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