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White Blood Cell

Cells At Work Code Black


Brian Boling, World of Gwendana

Why I chose to make this costume:

Anime made me do it.

Ok but Cells At Work Code Black rocks and I I freaking adore this Neutrophil cell ok?? I literally made the decision to cosplay her while watching the anime! If you’re not watching this show or reading rhe manga, you’re missing out! The original anime is already super binge-worthy with its unique blend of comedy, action, wholesome and educational flair but Code Black gets dark! And U-1196 is the hardest working cell in the body - fite me!

How I made this costume:

The costume was quickly put together with bought parts! I ordered a labcoat and ripped off all the pockets, then used white fabric to make two pleated pockets. I also altered the fit of the coat heavily since her design in the anime is so exaggerated in shape lol. The white hat was adorned with her cell name lasercut in 2mm EVA foam (though any scrapbook cutter will also cut scripts in foam). The grey belt was a lucky find (grey belts are not super common??) and I made the leg straps with similarly colored fabric. Lastly, I made a white pleather shoulder harness that my wig almost covered completely - go figure.

The fake blood is just Jacquard textile ink and acrylic paint watered down and flung on with a brush. I didn't want it to look super duper realistic but rather have that cartoony feel.

Oh, and I am aware that my pants and shoes are too clean but I wear them for other occasions and didn’t want them all bloody 🥺.

Since the costume is so simple I wanted to talk about the photoshoot because THAT was challenge.

Neither Brian or World of Gwendana do a lot of flash photography and I know nothing about color gels or how to add color to a photo setting, so the entire shoot was a big 4-hr experiment from start to finish. We used my warehouse corner because it kinda works with the anime being set inside an industrial building, then lit up the space with every RBG light we had (three of them). After doing a lot of tests and trials with the bay doors, we arranged boxes that usually hold our product materials on a cart to look like the last stack of Oxygen for U-1196 to defend lol!
The warehouse is not the most interesting background but being in our own space gave us time and peace to play around with lighting. We did lots of action poses with various swords and I was properly sore the next day!

Thoughts on this costume:

If I could just watch anime and do inspired photoshoots for the rest of my life, I would be so happy. 

Let me use this space to gush about White Blood Cell U-1196.

She works in the decrepit unhealthy body of a Salaryman and is always putting herself on the line to protect the other cells, but since there is so much chaos in this body her cell squad is usually fighting a losing battle until some fancy medicine gets administered. Like, girl is stressssed. And the others don’t like her because they are in danger all the time and they blame the White Blood Cells for not doing more so she is an outcast on top of all the viruses trying to get her! Yet this WBC is devoted to her job and completely willing to die for the other cells 😭!


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