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League of Legends


Photographer Shila Photography. Kamui Cosplay, Sweet Swnsation Photography, Judith Stephens, Fernando Brischetto
Why I chose to make this costume:

This is my 4th League of Legends costume, and by far the most comfortable.

How I made this costume:

Despite the simplistic design, for some reason it nearly killed me for a week to make it for Katsucon! I made the vest, bodice and pants with silk, brocade, pleather, Spandex and gold neoprene for trim. Sewing the bodice, vest and pants only took about 2 days, but I pulled multiple all-nighters to make the dang swords. I used Kamui Cosplay's prop making book to make the swords, which I shaped and sanded from soft balsa wood, then completely covered them with Worbla. I sealed the finished props with 5 layers of wood glue, and painted them with acrylic paint. Thank you to Svetlana and Benni for spending an evening at Katsucon helping me paint the swords, as I grossly underestimated the time required for layers upon layers of sealer and paint to dry.

My wig is actually 2 Purple Plum wigs seen together, and heavily razored for the blended look. 

Thoughts on this costume:

All things considered, I'm just happy the costume was wearable today lol. I still have details to add, and more swords to make, lol, but I love how comfy and easy to pack Katarina is!

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