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Pat Lyttle
Why I chose to make this costume:

After shooting at the Grand Cosplay Ball in London last year with Pat Lyttle, he and I have been talking about doing a fashion shoot, so when I returned to London this time, we met up at the British Museum and took advantage of the stunning architecture within. Pat brought some lovely Victorian jackets from the 1800's and we intergrated them into my fashion looks.

In a perfect world I would have wanted to shoot outdoors as I just adore the buildings, streets and alleys there. But it was absolutely freezing and we had to opt for an indoor location. I've visited the British Museum twice over 10 years and have always loved this museum. It is gigantic and houses some of the world's most precious artifacts.
We had to be semi-sneaky about our shoot, and it was a difficult one due to the insane amount of tourists and visitors present that day. All of these photos had to be snapped between long waits for the background to clear of people lol.

As usual, I did my hair/makeup and put together the outfit. Pat provided the lovely heels!

How I made this costume:
Thoughts on this costume:
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