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Kevin Stewart and Brian Boling
Why I chose to make this costume:

Presenting "The Tale of the Raven" photoshoot, which was a conceptual collaboration with Kevin Stewart and Brian Boling.

Set in a beautiful park in downtown Orlando, we explored the story of a girl, dressed for a night out, who gets lost (in the woods so to speak) and encounters a raven. A magical raven. With its song, the bird enchants the girl and consumes her. Possesses her. Becomes her...

When I was putting together the outfit for this shoot, I tried to envision what a human raven would look like. The bird has a distinct strong look with silky jet black feathers and a sleek and beautiful silhouette.

My outfit is put together from parts of my Clover cosplay, vintage pieces and a corset from my favorite lingerie line, Agent Provocateur. I styled this look specifically to enhance the female form as much as possible, to exude sexuality and sensuality. I also wore bright blue contacts to make my eyes look more alien and bird-like.

How I made this costume:
Thoughts on this costume:
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