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Final Fantasy X-2


David Ng
Why I chose to make this costume:

Honestly I never thought I'd cosplay Lenne one day, as I don't particularly like the design of the top, but for T-Mode, I was supposed to bring a FF costume for the Final Fantasy Ball, and I really wanted to wear something comfortable and easy to move in. I also had just one day of rest in between coming home from Mexico and T-Mode, so I had to find something easy and quick to make. Lenne is so much cuter than Rinoa, so I chose her costume.

How I made this costume:

Because of the time restraints due to traveling I made this costume in 6-8 hours the day before the convention, so definitely a rush job. I picked up all the fabrics at a small local store so there wasn't that much selection. I patterned out the skirt and top and sewed everything in one sitting. The vest thing is fully lined and the skirt is dangerously see-through lol. I made the ruffles by just kind of forcing them through the machine and patterning out the draping flaps. For AWA I did the gradient on them but you can't see it in these photos as they were taken at T-Mode a week earlier. I referenced the full body character design artwork for the draping flaps and arm warmer. The in-game pics show those parts laying flat and/or droopy, and I thought this J-Pop inspired costume could use some poof.

I found the belt that same day thank goodness but ran out of time to make the boots, so instead I used a pair I owned and packed with the saved time. If I get the chance I might make the boots in the future, or I might just move on to another costume.

I really enjoyed making the hair beads; they are my favorite part of this costume. The ribbons on my arms were glued on and off I went!

Thoughts on this costume:

Everything was done in within a few hours, and it was nice to be able to use my own hair and feel comfortable all day. I ended up enjoying this cosplay a lot more than I thought! As you can see I already wore Lennne three times within a very short period, so there is definitely something pleasant about a comfortable, easy-to-wear costume. :)

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