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Marvel: Secret Invasion


Kamui Cosplay, Eric Anderson, Kevin Green
Why I chose to make this costume:

This cosplay came about because the Cinema Makeup School asked me to help judge their "Next Level of Cosplay" scholarship contest, and we wanted to collaborate on a costume together for a demo at Wondercon!

After brainstorming different characters, we decided on a Skrull makeup, and I thought it would be a cool opportunity for me to cosplay Storm! I also thought the black outfit with gold accents and white hair would complement the extreme green coloring!

How I made this costume:

The awesome Jamie Leodones sculpted the chin and ear prosthetics from my headcast and applied the makeup.

I made the costume from scratch using the same stretchy pleather as Batgirl and peach skin for the cape. I also wore blind contacts, which were not all that comfy after 8 hours lol.
All together, this was such a neat chance to cosplay Storm in a unique way! 

Thoughts on this costume:

Remember, boys and girls—be who YOU want to be. In cosplay or otherwise in life, don't let others dictate who you should be. 

Anyone can cosplay anyone. Skin color, height, facial features, body shape, gender, ethnicity… don't let any of it stop you from expressing yourself. Have fun with the costumes you choose to wear. Be creative. Revel in the unique connection you'll forever build with the character you cosplay. 

I'm not an Alien, a Mutant, nor am I African American. But I have followed Storm's story for years, since I was a child. I found a way to express how much I admire her as a strong female role model to me and millions of kids all over the world. I had fun with the creativity of portraying Storm as a Skrull. I met some of the most amazing people at the Cinema Makeup Schoolthrough collaborating on this costume project. I enjoyed making this costume from scratch. I got to witness Jamie Leonodes's genius in making the prosthetic pieces and painting me green. I got to try out one of Arda Wigs' gorgeous Suzi wigs, with a widow's peak lace front. I got to shoot with awesome photographers like Eric and Kevin. I have now built a lasting connection not only with Storm, the character, but with all of these wonderful artists and creatives as well.

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