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Macross Frontier


Fernando Brischetto, Jwai Photography, Martin Wong, Vincent Tam
Why I chose to make this costume:

I will never say no to more Sheryl costumes! She has so many pretty ones. But this is the first time I actually have a Ranka Lee, so excited!!! Hanime is a long-time friend of mine, but we have never jointly worked on a cosplay group together. We both share a love for singing, anime, and floofy costumes, so when we watched Macross Frontier together, the idea to cosplay Sheryl and Ranka together was born!

How I made this costume:

We bought the same brocade satin and chiffons and each sewed the costumes over the course of a few weeks. I used two wigs from Arda Wigs to create Sheryl's elaborate wig, and Hanime's wig was from Epic Cosplay. Sheryl's wig was definitely my biggest focus on this costume. It took 3 days of work to make, and required some outside-the-box thinking and creative finagling. I wanted to make the Oiran wig come apart for transport, so everything is in pieces that hook and stick into the wig. I used foam and Worbla for shaping, and spent a whole day painstakingly gluing strands of wig hair down to make the hair fans. I also made the silver Oiran hair sticks and beaded metal bead strings for decoration. My traditional kanzashi flowers were made by the talented Ashleigh!! Her Etsy store is here! Here is a collage of how I made the wig. I made the obi designs with heat transfer vinyl, more info here.

The kimono is made from a satin brocade, and Hanime used the same fabric for her costume so we matched! I laid kimono pattern pieces on fabric and chalk drew around that to extend the pieces, and added extra fabric sections for fullness so the kimono was more like a draping dress. Every seam is serged and finished and I used about 10 yards of purple satin brocade. The inner dress is made with the same pattern out of a two-tone chiffon that had a nice soft shimmer to it. I bought about 15 yards of the chiffon to have enough to make all the ruffles, which go around the entire bottom circumference of the dress and around the collar. The sleeves are lined with matching fabric.

Thoughts on this costume:

This costume makes me feel so pretty! I love how the wig turned out and the costume itself is super comfortable. Not only did I get to cosplay with one of my best friends, Hanime, but in Buenoes Aires, I also got to wear this outfit in a Japanese garden, and cosplay with the adorable and talented Ana Bertola as Ranka!

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