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Macross Plus


Brian Boling
Why I chose to make this costume:

This is one of my very first costumes, and it's the one that got me forever hooked on cosplay! I was so obsessed with Macross Plus that year!!! I lost parts of my original Sharon Apple costume and the wig got ruined during transport one year so I haven't been able to cosplay her. For AX 2006 I decided to re-make the costume for a photoshoot (that fell through unfortunately.)

How I made this costume:

I made the little black dress and arm warmers out of this awesome stretchy wet-look material. The hovering rings this time were neon orange tubing. I styled an Eve wig from Sepia into Sharon's signature cut, and used pipe cleaners for the eyebrows. I was going to make her jewel but found the same button that I used 6 years ago! I opted for red pumps this time, and will be looking out for orange in the future.

Thoughts on this costume:

It was pretty wild dressing up as Sharon Apple again, I loved it! It's been literally 5-6 years since last cosplayed her. It was fairly disappointing however that most cosplayers who were at the shoot didn't know Macross Plus. 6 years ago this was a familiar character to people but the scene has changed since. A new generation of anime fans and cosplayers have emerged and the Classics have been moved to be background... :)


All the more reason for me to represent Old School! XD

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