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Bobby Dalto, Phoenix Tear and Maboroshi
Why I chose to make this costume:

For a while I have been wanting to make a mermaid costume based on my art style, and I wanted to experiment with using wire and fabric to make fins. When I was invited to be a guest at Anizona, it was a chance to debut something new, and I decided on this costume.

How I made this costume:

I covered fabric over wire frames for the fins and fishtail, created my own pattern for the tail part and cast plastic shells from a real seashell for the bra, which was painted in various shades of blue and green. I hand-stitched pearls scattered throughout the costume—on the headpiece, fins etc. I also made jewelry to go with the costume, such as the multi-tiered necklace. The makeup completed the ethereal mermaid look I was going for.

Thoughts on this costume:

I am very happy with the way this outfit turned out! I got to do an amazing photoshoot on the beach at sunrise in it, and it is well-received at both anime and sci-fi cons. I feel very feminine and ladylike as the Sea Nymph, maybe because the tail only allows me to take dainty little steps, lol.

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