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Erik Estrada Photography, LJinto, Carl Cunningham
Why I chose to make this costume:

I saw the Sideshow Collectibles statue of Scarlet Witch based on Mark Brooks' artwork in person at San Diego Comic Con 2009, and from that point on I wanted to make the costume. I love the color red and the design of the suit was playful yet confident and I liked that in this version Scarlet Witch isn't wearing a full pink bodysuit underneath her costume. I like The Avengers and Wanda was a good character for me to dress up as.

How I made this costume:

I decided on 4-way stretch red PVC because of the way the statue shined and reflected light. Also because I could use the matching PVC for the headpiece. I drafted a bodysuit pattern on my mannequin by making a generic bodysuit out of Spandex and used chalk to draw in all the correct seams including the random front scalloped seam. I then made the bodysuit out of PVC and lined it in red spandex, which has plastic boning sewn in for an extra smooth fit. Lastly, I added a zipper in the back and the straps in the V front.

I made the cape out of red velveteen because I like the way the material hangs and folds, and velveteen has a slightly different color on the backside which is accurate to the figure. I draped the cape from scratch on my mannequin, and it is actually three big pieces serged together to create the correct dip in the back (that inadvertently shows off the derriere...)

I created the headpiece out of multiple layers of Wonderflex and shaped it to my head using a heat gun (carefully.) It is covered in the matching PVC.

The boot covers were "fun" to make. I had a hard time finding wedge shoes in the correct height and shape to use as the base so I went with my trusty pair of Demonia platforms which are so great for superhero boot covers. The shape of the shoe is the same except I have a heel. I made the boot covers from scratch and drafted a pattern for the top diamond shape, then sewed them together. I also made gloves with the same PVC, reinforced with high density foam on the inside.

Lastly I bought two pairs of dance tights, cut one pair up for the arms, and dyed both darkish pink. My wig is a lace front curly brown wig from eBay!

Thoughts on this costume:

I enjoyed making and wearing this costume and look forward to any Avengers photoshoots!

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