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My Little Pony


Kevin Green, LJinto, Brian Boling
Why I chose to make this costume:

Since I have been majorly supplying My Little Pony cosplayers all over the world this year with accessories to complete their costumes, it was a no-brainer to cosplay Rarity at some point myself. She is literally me in the pony-verse lol.

The My Little Pony Cast

  • Rainbow Dash - ScruffyRebel

  • Fluttershy - Jessica Nigri

  • Pinkie Pie - Aktrez

  • Rarity - Yaya Han

  • Twilight Sparkle - Riddle

  • Apple Jack - Monika

How I made this costume:

​​My Rarity dress was designed by me - inspired by the character and the show of course! I always thought of Rarity as the fashionista of the group, elegant with a sweet flair. I made a fully lined and boned halter dress and used a purple stretch velvet to make the trim and inserts. I handmade 3 tiers of ruffles from a sparkle organza by serging strips together, then hand pleating the ribbons into ruffles. My cutie mark (3 diamond shapes) were rhinestone plate earrings taken apart and attached to the front of the dress. Rarity would definitely approve of blinged-out diamond shapes . I found a sheer French silk with a diamond pattern on it (Hello, cutie mark shape!) and made a pattern for a bolero, then sewed it together as a little cover over the dress. My wig was a great shade but I wish I had had the time to properly style it. It's a bit flat for my taste.

Thoughts on this costume:

Overall it was so much fun to dress up in a fun little costume with friends. In fact, everyone looked so cute and I was ecstatic with how this group came together. Each girl created their costumes and I made the appropriate pony accessories for all of us.

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