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My Little Pony


Brian Boling, Josh Kent
Why I chose to make this costume:

I was going to a My Little Pony convention and wanted to wear something new! The color combination of Queen Chrysalis is fabulous, not to mention her cool design and wicked character!

How I made this costume:

The costume was completely made from scratch by me except for the ruffle shirt which I had already. However, most of the pieces on this costume were made for other cosplays in the past so while I did create the pieces, I didn't have to rush-sew a lot for this event. Instead, I spent a lot of time making the horn and crown, as well as the lace bolero. I also designed a new style of wings for Chrysalis, which turned out so nice; I'm super happy with them! The wig is the Ferrari in Mako Green from Arda Wigs, and the contacts were sponsored by CosLenses!

Thoughts on this costume:

I had so much fun wearing this at Equestria LA! It was cool to experience a pony con for the first time and be able to dress up as a character from the show :)

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