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Purple Oni

Original Design


Brian Boling

Why I chose to make this costume:

This is a fantasy fashion look that I put together to test out a new self-made photo set! 

How I made this costume:

This was a great chance for me to utilize beautiful components I had collected over the years! 

The waist cincher is from @crimsonrosecorsetry
The clear resin horns are from @storytellercosplay
The purple contacts are from @uniqso
And the steel katana was custom made for me by! 

I mainly built the look around the katana and this fantastic J-fashion kimono top that I got on Takeshita Street in Harajuku as a second hand shop!  

Thoughts on this costume:

I'm still learning studio photography so whenever I make a new set, I have to do tons of test photos on it. I'm so happy I found time to put a cute outfit like this one together for such an occasion and get some great photos out of what was supposed to just be a test shoot!

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